Talk Abstract

May 23-25, 2006
CHI World Pharma Congress

Old Dogs New Tricks Technical Session

James H Wikel, Coalesix Inc., Cambridge, MA

The following team of scientists has been selected to offer support, advice and lessons learned from over 100 years of combined experience in the cheminformatics field. They will review many of the tools and approaches that have developed over the last 20 years, discuss some of the current successes and bottlenecks to be solved and address a wide variety of questions and discussion points collected ahead of time and during the session. Come prepared to listen, learn and interact with this hand-picked group of thought leaders.


Michael S. Lajiness, Ph.D.,
Research Scientist, Structural & Computation Sciences, Eli Lilly & Co.

Dimitris K. Agrafiotis, Ph.D.,
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLC

Gus Rosania, Ph.D.,
Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Michigan

Jeffrey S. Wiseman, Ph.D.,
Vice President and Officer, Technology and Informatics, Locus Pharmaceuticals

Jim Wikel, Ph.D.,
Chief Technology Officer, Coalesix Inc.


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