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Our Team

Coalesix is managed by a seasoned team with significant chemistry, computer science and pharmaceutical industry experience.

Jim Wikel, Chief Technical Officer
Ihsan Ecemis, Vice President – Technology
Chris Bingham, Vice President – Software Engineering




  Jim Wikel
Chief Technical Officer

Jim Wikel was named Chief Technical Officer for Coalesix Inc in January 2005. Prior to joining Coalesix, he was head of computational chemistry for Eli Lilly and Company. During his three decades at the pharmaceutical giant, Wikel guided many of Lilly’s pioneering initiatives in applying computational technology to drug discovery. In addition to his vast expertise in computational and multi-criteria optimization, Wikel’s original training as a medicinal chemist served is an important asset in the development of Coalesix’s Candidate Design Environment.


  Ihsan Ecemis
Vice President – Technology

Dr. Ihsan Ecemis became Vice President, Technology for Coalesix Inc when the company began in October 2004. He heads the computational technology development for Coalesix’s Candidate Design Environment (CDE), having been involved with the CDE since its inception. Dr. Ecemis has significant experience in the areas of data management and evolutionary computation, including design and development of commercial grade software. He holds a Ph.D in Cognitive Systems from BU.
  Chris Bingham
Vice President –
Software Engineering

Chris Bingham was named Vice President, Software Engineering for Coalesix Inc in March 2005. He brings a wealth of software development experience to the group, having recently been responsible for software architecture and technology planning at Kronos. Prior to this, Bingham was involved in application development for such companies as Apple Computer, Disney, FairMarket and Netscape.



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