U. S. 3,899,508 Pyrazole-3-Carboxylic Acid,5-(2-Aminophenyl) via o-Nitroacetophenones, 1975.

U. S. 3,932,435 Urea, 1-(6-Hydroxybenzothiazolyl)-3-Phenyl, via Isocyanate, 1976.

U. S. 3,932,434 Benzothoazolylureas, 6-Hydroxy-,3-Phenyl-, 1976.

U.S. 3,937,713 Preparation of s-Triazolo(3,4b)benzothiazoles, 1976.

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U.S. 4,082,762 Preparation of s-Triazolo(3,4b)benzothiazoles. from Thiosemicarbazides and Triazoles, 1977.

U. S. 4,046,770 Ureas,N-(6-Acyloxybenzozthiazol-2-yl)n1-Phenyl-,1977.

U.S. 4,134,914 Preparation of s- Triazolo(3,4b)benzothiazoles. from 1-Acyl-4-(o-Halophenyl)-3-Thiosemicarbazides, 1977.

U. S. 4,018,790 Antiviral Benzimidazoles,1-Sulfonyl-2,5(6)-Substituted-,1977.

U. S. 4,008,243 Benzimidazoles,1- Thiazolinyl(Thiazinyl)-2-Amino-5(6)-Alkanoyl-,Antivirals, 1977.

U. S. 4,118,742 Benzimidazoles, 1-Sulfonyl-5(6)-Substituted Antiviral Agents, 1978.

U. S. 4,118,573 Antiviral Benzimidazoles,1-Sulfonyl-2,5(6)-Substituted-,1978.

U. S. 4,174,454 Benzimidazoles, 1-Sulfonyl-5(6)-Substituted Antiviral Agents, 1979.

U. S. 4,150,028 Benzimidazoles,1-Thiazolinyl(1- Thiazinyl)-5(6)-Keto, Antiviral Agents, 1979.

U. S. 4,223,153 Frentizole, Crystalline Anhydrate; Benzothiazole, 2-Amino-6-Methoxy, Anhydrate, 1980.

U. S. 4,230,868 Benzimidazoles, 1-Sulfonyl-5(6)-a-Hydroxybenzyl), Antiviral Agents, 1980.

U. S. 4,196,125 Antiviral Benzimidazoles,1-Sulfonyl-2,5(6)-Substituted-,1980

U. S. 4,216,313 Benzimidazoles,1-Thiazinyl-2-Amino-5(6)-Substituted, 1980.

U. S. 4,293,558 Benzimidazoles, 1-Heterocyclic-2-Amino-5(6)-Substituted, as Antiviral Agents, 1981.

U. S. 4,289,782 Benzimidazoles, 1-Heterocyclic Sulfonyl-5(6)-Oximino, Antiviral Agents, 1981.

U. S. 4,243,813 Antiviral Benzimidazoles,1-Sulfonyl-2,5(6)-Substituted-,1981.

U. S. 4,316,021 Antiviral Benzimidazoles,1-Sulfonyl-2,5(6)-Substituted-,1982.

U. S. 4,338,315 Benzimidazoles,1-Thiazinyl Antivirals, 1982.

U. S. 4,338,329 Benzimidazoles, 1-Heterocyclic Sulfonyl-5(6)-Substituted Antiviral Agents, 1982.

U. S. 4,401,817 Benzimidazoles, 1-Heterocyclic Sulfonyl-5(6)-Substituted Antiviral Agents, 1983.

U. S. 4,434,288 Benzimidazoles,-2-Amino,1,5(6) Substututed, Antivirals, Process, 1984.

U.S. 4,659,717. Thienopyridines as Calcium Antagonists. Agents Useful For Treatment of Various Cardiovascular Disorders. 1987.

N/A Japan. Process Patent for the Preparation of 1,4-Dihydropyridines. Art Related to LY198561.

N/A Japan Dextrorotary Dihydropyridine Isomer of YM-09730 Diastereomer A.
X-7402. Series of calcium modulating compounds useful to treat cardiovascular disease.

U.S. 4,420,479 Benzimidazoles,-2-Amino-5(6) Alkylene, Antivirals

U.S. 4,191,832 Benzimidazoles,-1-sulfonyl-2-Amino-5(6) Benxoyl, oxime, sym-anti preparation

U.S. 4,463,181 Benzimidazoles,-2-Amino,1 5(6) Substututed, Antivirals, process

U.S. 4,309,258 Zinviroxime, via photolytic isomerization of enviroxime

U.S. 5,602,101 Antithrombic Agents N-Terminal acyl and sulfonyl
substituted tripeptide arginal thrombin inhibitors.

U.S. 6,313,151 Antithrombotic agents

U.S. 6,313,122 Antithrombotic agents

U.S. 6,372,759 Antithrombotic agents

U.S. 6,417,200 Antithrombotic agents

U.S. 6,500,851 Antithrombotic agents

U.S. 6,583,173 Antithrombotic agents

U.S. 6,586,459 Antithrombotic agents

U.S. 6,605,626 Antithrombotic agents

U.S. 6,610,704 Antithrombotic amides as inhibitors of factor Xa

U.S. 6,635,657 Aromatic amides as inhibitors of factor Xa

U.S. 6,677,369 Antithrombotic agents

U.S. 6,689,749 Heteroaromatic Amides as Inhibitors of Factor Xa

U.S. 6,716,839 Antithrombotic Amides

U.S. 6,716,855 Antithrombotic Amides

U.S. 6,759,414 Antithrombotic Amides

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